Salary negotiation strategies I use


September 06, 2020

Salary negotiation strategies I use

What is communication?

In many cases, the words “language” and “communication” are used interchangeably. We use either or both of them to mean speaking person to person. However, there is a distinct dichotomy between the two terms— language vs. communication.

In a very real sense, every living thing communicates in some way. Fish jump, sometimes for sheer joy. Birds sing their cadences to communicate a variety of purposes, many of them doubtlessly unknown to us.

Dogs bark, cats meow, cows moo, and horses whinny. And yet, we do not say they are engaging in language communication.

Final thoughts

Language barriers are the root causes of many problems or obstacles in health care, aviation, maritime,business, and education. For example, (a)Effective communication between healthcare providers, patients, and families is critical for providing safe and quality healthcare. The results of a Canadian study about the negative impact of language barriers on quality of care and patient safety: Patients and interpreters described experiences where language barriers contributed to more inferior patient assessment, misdiagnosis, delayed treatment, incomplete understanding of patient condition, risks of medication errors and complications and prescribed treatment

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